Toca Hair Salon Me App Reviews

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Totally awesome!

What a wonderful app for kids and grown-ups alike! Havent met a single person (Ive shown this to) that hasnt loved this app. Well played Toca, well played.

So much fun!

This app is so much fun! Take a photo from your camera roll (to the other reviewer - you can scale the photo to make it look good), place eyes and mouth and then the hair appears! It looks really funny whoever you put in... Get this app!

Simply the greatest Childrens App Company

As I say this company is a great Childrens App Company, its about the App, the game play, and the enjoyment and not about the hidden greed of In-App purchases. The Apps are simply the best, for game play and its great playing them with my child, we both enjoy them, as I think we have all of the apps on offer. I cannot praise the Company and the Employees enough, really well done Im sure your all also enjoying yourselves. Apple should give you all a special recommendation.

Great app!

Great ap for the whole family. It makes everybody laugh, both kids and adults. We found the movement of faces particurlarly good. One of the best from Toca Boca

Not on IPad 1

Does not allow access to photos, so its useless on iPad 1


Never get it its the worst game ever


Really cool app! Me and my family love it! Totally worth the cost

Best 3 bucks Ive ever spent

This is a great app for kids of all ages. My 4 year old and my 13 year old both love it.


Wow, such a fun game!!! You will have lots of fun with it! Hopefully in the new update, they will let you grow the hair longer and maybe let you choose which shirt youd like! Overall, very fun game and definitely worth 3 dollars!!!

so great

hilarious and fun and makes me happy

Dis functional

This is dysfunctional , everything Time i try to enter a photo, half of the face is black and the other half is normal, this is a rip off


This is the game my 2.5 and 6 year old girls always play. Toca has the best games and this one is no exception.

Unbelievable,awesome,great fun

This app is super fun its worth way more than its cost fun making little characters testing out hairstyles you have to get it Im actually addicted to it


Its supposed to put a picture of your face onto the person and you can style the hair. But I put a picture of my face and it was all distorted. Also you cant put your hair very long. And to think this app costs money! if your reading this review take my advice and dont waste your money like I did From The person who got the app and wasted their money.

Nobody and I mean nobody likes this game more than me

I love this game my friends want to come over and take my iPod home and never give it back.

Good app

Such a funny app... Do you think you could make the smile rotate when you are putting people in the face hole thing because I have a crooked smile and Im sure Im not the only one who has had this happen but when you put the smile thing on the face when you go to start doing the hair the smile looks so stupid and gets cut off. Please try to make the smile rotate. Thanks.


This app is terrible! Its SOOO glitchy! Your mouth looks weird and your head is huge! This app is nothing like toca hair salon two! The hair is soooo hard to work with! Do not get this app! Dont waste your money on this horrendous game!!!!!!

Love it

I watched pewdiepie play this and automatically I had the a sudden desire to play. And I cant stop playing. Hahahaa(twitch twitch)

The whole family loves this one

(Friends, too.)


My kids love taking photos of each other. Pretty cool feature.

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